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Hashtag #FOREVERDUNCAN! If you haven’t seen or heard about the DC couple that broke the internet this weekend, chiiilllle grab a tissue, because this beautiful couple left alllll of IG in tears, I even dropped a thug tear or 2.… it also made some of the fellas salty because this“#foreverduncan dude” took the surprise proposal game up to a whole new level.

Can you imagine your boyfriend of 3 years waking you up one Saturday morning, surprising you with not only a proposal but 5 hours later he surprises you with a WHOLE WEDDING CEREMONY & RECEPTION TOO! LORDT!!!!!!

The morning of Saturday October 1st 2016 Grammy and Emmy Nominated Vocalist of Mambo Sauce Alfred Duncan @alfredthemc, did just that. With the help of great family members and friends, he executed the surprise of the century for his girlfriend, Creator of The Good Thick, Certified Physical Health Healer, Personal Trainer and Speaker, Sherrell @sherrellthetrainer.

Alfred started the day by confiscating Sherrell’s phone (just the thought gives me high blood pressure), as part of his competitive date day “day of servitude”. The agreement was that for 24hrs she can’t say “no” and had to go along with everything he said and just let God work.

So off to lunch they go for a date, where Alfred later proposes, in front of family and friends he has waiting in a private room, he then has her whisked away to the W Hotel Washington D.C. where @aprilmichellemua & @amyang_fashun are waiting for her in a room along with a few other friends/family members “#teamgoodthick” to get her glammed up for an “engagement shoot”

Meanwhile Alfred has been using Sherrell’s phone to keep the invited family and friends updated, by posting on IG with the #foreverduncan hashtag on the events as they unfold and even a location change.

So now Sherrell arrives to the entrance of the “engagement shoot location” Art Whino at the National Harbor blinded folded. As her blindfold is being removed a white & yellow bouquet is placed in her hand…she sees her father to her left and a room filled with friends and family. It hits her. This man of God wants to marry her TODAY! When you watch the video it is at this very moment Sherrell is immediately overwhelmed with emotion, and the Holy Spirit, you even see her lift her hands to give her praises to the most high. I’m pretty certain there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I had to fight back those thug tears all over again as I wrote


With that being said gentlemen, #foreverduncan as raised the bar, and you pretty much have no choice but to accept the challenge lol.

SN: Dear Bae, I now have a pinterest board titled #foreverduncan…so you know what to do

I’ll let the collection of videos and pictures below tell you more about this surprise wedding day.

Also check out their wedding website to read more about their love story.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Duncan!

Dir: Holla Definition

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