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Meet the Deckers

Meet Molayo & Matilda.

This beautiful couple recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary as Mr. & Mrs. this past February. Wedded in a traditional Ghanaian marriage, on Valentine’s Day 2015 in Ghana West Africa.

Mo and Matilda’s rustic themed white wedding ceremony and reception, was held on a lovely 6.8 acre farmland in Clarksville, Maryland. With beautiful trees providing natural shade, and a barn serving as the perfect backdrop as they said their solemn vows to each other.

It was a mix of natural beauty and a vibrant color palette with an African twist, a "purpuoise" affair, a term coined by her bridesmaids, which made their big day nothing less than stunning. Their family and relatives also joined in, being so cooperative by dressing themselves in “purpuoise” colored traditional attires to match the theme; it was such a lovely sight.

Here’s their love story:


I met Matilda through her cousin Jasmine, who is also one of my very good friends. Jasmine asked me to do her a favor by picking Matilda up from the airport when she arrives for her medical mission trip in Ghana. Long story short, Jasmine gave Matilda’s number to me and mine to her so that we could get familiar with each other before finally meeting.

Believe it or not, I knew after the first conversation she was going to be my wife. We have so much in common. Matilda is very sweet; she is also God fearing, beautiful, kind, loving, respectful, patient, humble, down to earth, everything positive describes her. I can talk about my lady for days. Truly, she is one of a kind. She is the type of woman I have always wanted as a wife and God made that possible. I can’t wait to marry and spend the rest of my life with Mrs. Decker.


Molayo and I met through my cousin Jasmine. So on Jasmine’s wedding day, I told her about my medical mission trip to Ghana. I also expressed to her my concern regarding transportation when I land. Fortunately she found a solution to my concern by asking her friend Molayo to pick me up. She gave him my contact information and he contacted me to discuss the details of my flight. One question led to another and we started chatting about other things.

When I arrived in Accra and finally met Molayo, he was exactly what I expected him to be, a kind and handsome gentleman. He took my bags, took me out to eat and dropped me off at my destination. He continued with his kindness all throughout my stay. Sooner or later I came to the realization that Molayo wasn’t just being kind to impress me. His kindness was just one of his many great characters. Anyway, I began to fall for him, and over time, concluded I had a good man and couldn’t live the rest of my life without him.

Enjoy this snippet from their wedding.

Event Planner: Socially Inspired Photography: Eyestandout &Sideffekts Videography: David Renken & Josiah Renken Entertainment: DJ Earthkwak & George Manso Hair and Make-Up Vavalooks , Em & Em Glam Cake: Suzy & Lily

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