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Q: Should I hire a planner before booking a venue?

A: Yes.


Contrary to what many believe, you should always hire your planner 1st, especially before booking any venues. Selecting the right venue for your event is part of the foundation for a successful event and hiring a professional is key. One common example of why you should hire a planner first is venue rental time. I’ve had clients who book their dream venue, however due to either bookings or not understanding venue policies & contracts, you are only given time for the event itself, setup and breakdown is not factored in. In turn your dream décor unfortunately cannot be executed within such a small window of time. What ends up happening is either the client usually will forgo the vision, select a new venue and risk losing their deposit, or shell out a more money to the venue in order to accommodate the time needed to setup and breakdown. The last two option generally effects your budget which results in possibly not being able to afford other preferred vendors or vendors you may not have realized you need to hire.  In short booking your venue before your planner can actually result in spending more money.When working with Socially Inspired we guide you and present you with the best possible options to execute the wedding and/or event of your dreams.

Q: Do I really Need a planner? I have an Aunt/Friend that offered to help.


A: Yes we highly recommend a planner or Day of Coordinator.



A wedding is a day your close friend and family should be able to enjoy and celebrate you! When having a family or friend act as your wedding planner or coordinator several not so great things can happen. They take on the task but didn’t realize how much work was involved and end up overwhelmed don’t enjoy themselves. They can also not take this role seriously or not understand how serious this role is and can end up being a day of disaster. A wedding planners role to you as a couple is to hold your hand throughout the entire planning process and day of the wedding. We take on the stress of finding and hiring the right vendors, contacting , negotiating and maintain communication with vendors, so you can enjoy the fun parts of the wedding  and planning,  while we ensure your vision, dreams and ideas come to life! Plus a planner has the experience to prevent or handle and resolve any issues that can arise

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